Getting the sofa that right for you!
Choosing the right sofa can be a difficult decision, it’s certainly an important one. The sofa needs fit with the dimensions of your room and you may want to consider your family lifestyle – sticky hands and crazy pets are all part of the family! So what is there to consider when you go to buy your sofa?
  1. Size – we all know that size matters! Have the dimensions of your room with you when you go sofa shopping, consider other furniture you are going to have in the room, you don’t want your room to feel cramped. If you love a certain sofa, ask can it be made to a specific size! One size does not fit all – here at AH Interiors we know that. Many of our sofas can be made your measurements – it’s the little things like this that make sofa shopping enjoyable!
  2. Fabric – Family lifestyle has to be considered when ordering a new sofa also. You may really want that cream fabric corner sofa but with the kids and the dog coming in from the park it may not be the best idea! What we’re saying is…the sofa should be fabulous but practical! Fabric or leather – have a chat with our living interiors staff to help you decide what’s best for you!We offer insurance packages on all our furniture and floors in AH Interiors so for a small additional cost you don’t have to panic if you spill your glass of wine!
  3. The style of your suite can be tricky too – corner sofa – 3 & 2 seater or a 3-1-1 seater??? Contemporary or traditional or minimal style…there is loads of choice out there and sometimes it all gets too confusing. It’s about making the most of your space and complementing your room with a great piece of furniture! Sometimes you want to make a statement with an armchair, or get the whole family on a comfy corner unit, or maybe have a fabulous 3 & 2 seater facing each other to get the conversation flowing! Again let our helpful experienced staff give you some advice!
  4. Try it out! Take a seat and see if you like the feel of the sofa – it’s so important that you find your sofa comfortable for you! Cushions can be made to a firm, medium or soft density so know what you like. The height of the sofas back also varies, some may prefer a modern low-back look or maybe you prefer your head resting back on the sofa…all to be considered.But choice is good and when good honest advice is on hand – you will enjoy your experience of buying the sofa…especially at AH Interiors.
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